UPTE Local 6 Annouces New Officers

UPTE-CWA 9119 – Local 6 Davis

 OFFICERS  –  2017-2018

(NOT the UPTE statewide officer’s election being held this month)
Our new executive board will be seated at our next regular Executive Board meeting, Wed Nov. 8th at our UPTE office. EBoard meetings are open to all members.

President:  Joaquin Chavez

Campus Vice President:  Christi-Anne Sokolewicz

Medical Center Vice President:  Greg Wine

Recording Secretary:  Patty Hanson

Treasurer:  Alfred Sheets

Campus Members at Large:  Karen Galbreath, Marcos Jimenez, Holly McNeill, Alyssa De la Rosa

Medical Center Members at Large: Pavel Krylov, Jamie McDole, Alexis Roberts, Samrrah Rauof

Delegates to UPTE Convention – full contingent of 18  Jamie McDole, Holly McNeil, Alexis Roberts, Joaquin Chavez, Karen Galbreath, Sarah Cohen, Alyssa De La Rosa, Greg Wine, Frank Pinto, Marcos Jimenez, Cindy Palomar, Sonia Ghandi, Mayra Sanchez, Erin Lavin, Patty Hanson, Christi-Anne Sokolewicz

Alternate Delegates (attend, participate, take voting seat as needed. Listed in call up order.)
Autumn Hughes, Pavel Krylor, Alex Nella, Austin Cole, Phil Van Hest, Samrrah Raouf, Bright Sewor