Join us April 4 to send a strong message to UC: WE SAY NO!

EACH YEAR ON APRIL 4, labor and civil rights activists commemorate Martin Luther King Jr’s fight for public sector jobs on the anniversary of his assassination. We have struggled for a long time to achieve fair wages and retirement benefits, and we are not giving up our hard-won victories.

UC IS PROPOSING A TWO-TIER RETIREMENT SYSTEM that would slash the income of an average UPTE-represented retiree by $1,200 a month, making most of us work five years longer for the same benefits.

UC IS USING ACCOUNTING TRICKS TO EXAGGERATE THE SHORT-TERM FUNDING needed to keep our pension healthy in order to justify a massive slashing of our retirement benefits.

UC IS INSISTING ON BELOW-MARKET WAGES FOR MANY WORKERS, and on maintaining internal disparities between workers doing the same jobs.

NO SECOND CLASS WORKERS. A two-tier system threatens to devalue our plan, and for those forced onto a second tier, make it impossible to retire before age 65.

WHY DOES UC CONTINUE TO EXPAND EXECUTIVE POSITIONS, while claiming it has no funds for fair wages?

UC’s proposals turn back the clock on the equality we’ve fought for over decades. The changes would undermine every UC workers’ benefits, but hit lower-income employees, younger employees, and workers of color the most severely.


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